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itsblackfriday: Couple of photos from last weekend ^____^
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Vancouverites for Steampunk is delighted to invite you to join us for our annual steampunk picnic in The Royal City of New Westminster. Enjoy a relaxed afternoon of al fresco dining and fun, in the company of other differently-dressed folks.

Pack your parasols & straw boaters, and your picnic hampers, blankets, cushions, chairs, stools, shade canopies & tea-serving automatons, and other such necessities for your comfort.

We will bring croquet and bocce, and possibly horseshoes. Feel free to bring any other games and entertainments, or even a wee project to work on.

Source: http://www.gothic.bc.ca/calendar/month/2017-07/brass-grass-picnic


An immersive theatre experience combining a masquerade in a stately manor home, the rich history of DC Comics, and a colourful collection of villains.

A Halloween Night at Wayne Manor is a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience in which audience members arrive at the Gotham City Policemens' Masquerade Ball, and explore stately Wayne Manor where every alcove, corner, and corridor has been transformed into a lushly designed evocation of Gotham City.

Source: http://www.gothic.bc.ca/calendar/month/2017-10/halloween-night-wayne-manor