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Blender Update

As of today, Blender's officially on haitus. Long story short, the existing leaseholders were evicted due to liquor license violations, and after some confusion about the venue's future the owners stepped in to manage the Arch hands-on. We approached them with a proposal for keeping Blender going, but they've got their own vision for the venue: in two months the Arch will re-open as a "Granville Top 40 Mexican-themed" club. Initially it looked as though we'd be able to keep Blender going for that two month period, but that door's been resoundingly slammed in our face. If yr detecting bitterness in this post, that's because it's there.

Looking ahead, we're all too friggin' stubborn and full of energy drinks to lay down and die. There's the possibility of doing monthly events in the interim, with the long-term goal of finding a new and supportive venue. We'll keep you in the loop as events further.

On behalf of Chris, Simon and Ben, a huge thanks to every single person who came out, supported the night and helped create the anything goes, laid-back atmosphere that made Blender what it is. Extra thanks to everyone who dropped guest sets and brought new flavour to the mix.

As a wise man* once said, "you cannot kill the party - long live the party."

* No, not Stalin.


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29th Nov, 2005 05:52 (UTC)
Damn Mormons.
29th Nov, 2005 06:29 (UTC)
Uhhh, that top-40 thing sounds really cool... yeah.
29th Nov, 2005 07:26 (UTC)
My only comforting thought is that now I know where to go when I want to get the shit beaten out of me =AND= eat a taco.
29th Nov, 2005 07:35 (UTC)
If you would be willing to settle for a Burrito, a suburban 7-Eleven would suffice... and as a bonus you could avoid the top-40 ;-)
29th Nov, 2005 09:13 (UTC)
I've never avoided Top-40 on latenight forays to 7-Eleven. Unless you consider Nickleback, or Punjabi radio to be a step up.
29th Nov, 2005 06:34 (UTC)
That sucks the wang...I loved Blender, Nicky enjoyed DJing, and we all had such a great time there...
Very sad to see the owners are being dumbasses, but 6 mo. down the road when they're begging to get y'all & crowd back, you can tell them to stuff it up their respective arses.
Sid Vicious said it best: "Fools."
29th Nov, 2005 06:45 (UTC)
ANOTHER top 40 club?

Fuck. me.

Seriously how many top 40 clone bars do we need in this city?

I'm sorry guys, that sucks so much for you. Sounds like it was an awesome thing and a shame I was working so much I never had a chance to attend.

Hope you find new digs soon.

7th Dec, 2005 18:49 (UTC)
I have just one word:

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